You are doing this 8 things wrong with your dog…

You are doing this 8 things wrong with your dog…


Getting a dog might seem like an easy thing to do, which it is, the real struggle comes after. Once you get the dog you have to make sure to teach them how to behave properly. You should teach your dogs how to behave, when to eat, how to treat the house and so on. Teaching your dogs all these things is a real challenge, and that is why you should read a lot before putting yourself through a process like this. Even though you might try so hard to rod the right things, sometimes you might mess up just because you love your dog so much, and you want him/her to feel good all the time. Well here are 8 things you are doing wrong, and if you don’t right your wrongs, then your dog will not be as polite and well-behaved as you would want to.


#1- Never allow your dog to get on top of the kitchen counter. If you let them once, then it will be hard for you to keep them away. If you set rules from the beginning you will have no trouble latter on.



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