Wolves are more cooperative than Dogs

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We all know that are domesticated from people to many time ago and have collaborated between them. A group of scientists made ​​a study on the behavior of wolves and dogs. They discovered something unexpected: Wolf cooperate among themselves more than dogs, Science reports.

There are many different theories on how the collaboration was born between dogs and man, and one of them says that: dogs are more tolerant (compared to other wild animals) and this allows them to accept the human as a social partner.

To study tolerance and attentiveness in canines, Friederike Range and Zsófia Virányi from the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna gave a series of cognitive tasks to four packs of mixed-breed dogs and four packs of wolves. Each pack consisted of two to six canids accustomed to humans. The scientists raised all the since they were 10-day-old wee pups.

The team realized that the wolves were the tolerant, cooperative species. Dogs formed strict, steep hierarchies, with dominant animals demanding obedience from subordinates. Their findings suggest that dogs were bred for the ability to follow orders and be dependent on human masters, Science explains.

In a mealtime challenge, the researchers set out a bowl of food for a high-ranking dog paired with a low-ranking packmate; they repeated this for pairs of wolves. In every pairwise matchup, the higher ranking dog would monopolize the food. The wolves, however, were able to eat from the dish at the same time. Occasionally, a dominant wolf would act mildly aggressively towards the subordinate, but a subordinate dog wouldn’t even try to challenge the dominant one.

In another test that was conducted revealed that wolves communicate and collaborate between them to find food. They are cooperative with each other and when they should take a group decision, they use a high level of communication. This does not happens with dogs. Wolves may accept their leader and obey him, while dogs viewing human as leader.

Image SourceWolves are more cooperative than Dogs

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