Here It Is What Really Happens When Your Dog Licks Your Face

Here It Is What Really Happens When Your Dog Licks Your Face


Allowing your dog to come that close up to your face it goes beyond my understanding. Do not get me wrong here, I do love dogs and adore puppies. But letting them cover your entire face full of germs does not mean that you love them more than others do. Dogs intend to lick everything they find. Isn’t this enough to gross you out?


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  1. Funny, so much harmfull bacterias, but yet when dogs have an open woun they lick it and it heals preety fast.
    All dogs I ever had lick my face and gave me kisses and I never got sick because of that, it happen several times my dog lick a wound that I might have and I never got sick, and I should have since that way bacteria may enter my body much easier since it an open wound, but yet, nothing as ever happen. Despite everything they lick, a dogs mouth is cleaner than our own.

  2. The dog’s saliva has “healing” properties. Actually our own saliva contain around 80% more harmful bacteria than a dog’s. yes I do agree you should not let your dog lick your face all the time, and as long as he/she want’s but there is no harm in letting your dog show his/her affection this way.