He once turned to a stone, but now he demands belly rubs...

He once turned to a stone, but now he demands belly rubs all day long…


The story I will share with you in this post, is a very sad story of a truly ill 5-year old dog, who suffered from mange. Being a stray dog all her life, caused her illness to grow so bad, that is literally turned the face of the stray dog into a stone. Luckily one woman posted a picture of the poor creature on Facebook, and ever since a rescue organization in Athens, Greece made the impossible to rescue the poor canine. At first it was truly hard to approach her. she never imagined that humans were capable of love, so she prefered to stay away from them. But as it turns out the canine slowly learned how to be around people, and even snuggle with them… See below for more information.

This is how the stray dog looked when the rescuers firs found her. You can see that she is suffering from mange, and her face has turned into “stone”.

stone faced

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