A tourist’s bus was taking a tour into the wild, but they...

A tourist’s bus was taking a tour into the wild, but they never expected to see this…


Mother nature is filled with many surprises. It is true that we are not willing to predict what tomorrow will bring. No matter how  carefully we plan everything in details, life is unexpected and full of surprises. I bet that the tourists of this story would agree with me in this one.

It all started when the tourists were about to take a quick bus tour into the wild, when they stopped in the middle of the road. The reason of the stop were some little bear cubs playing in the middle of the road. The tourists were fascinated for being able to watch bear cubs live. Little did they know what was about to happen next…
While all the attention was pointed at the bear cubs playing in the middle of the busy road, two adult bears came across to greet the tourists. It is amazing to see that these bears have no fear of approaching the bus. 


At first I though that these were no real bears, but some guys wearing bear costumes instead. But as I kept watching the video you will see below, I got convinced. It is amazing to see two fully adult bears approaching a bus full of people as if nothing is happening. 


From what we can tell, probably the bears are following the bus because someone, probably the tour guide, is feeding them. Of course feeding wild animals is not a smart idea, but probably the man knows how to deal with wild animals. 


Of course the tourists got astonished by the view they witnessed, so they decided to pull out their phones, and record this historical moment in their lives. Watch the video below for a more detailed information…