Tiny Rescued Bat makes adorable noises when he gets a massage…

Tiny Rescued Bat makes adorable noises when he gets a massage…


I am not going to lie to you guys. Before I read an article and saw an adorable video about baby bats, I thought they were scary as hell. To be honest, I have only seen bats once, and it has been one of the most terrifying experiences in my life. I would say that they look really creepy starting with the way they stay, upside down, and not to mention the abnormal noises they make. But then I read about a rescued teeny tiny baby bat, and my phobia somehow started vanishing. Maybe it is just the fact that this teeny tiny bat looks like an adorable and pure animal, maybe they are not that creepy actually. Maybe, just maybe.

Everyone here is the teeny tiny rescued baby bat whom they decided to call Jeddah. The little creature is being watched over at Sydney Wildlife while he recovers from injuries he has taken into the wild. The specialists who are taking care of the little creature, know exactly how to handle it, and what to do in order to fasten the recovery process. So far looks like the recovery process is going pretty well, and it looks like Jeddah here is loving the treatments he is getting by the specialists.

In the video below you will see Jaddah getting a neck and head massage, and it looks like he is enjoying every single second of it. The noises he makes can make you understand how relaxed and over the clouds he feels. This is just too adorable and cute to watch, and I dare you to see the full video below…