This Tiny Chihuahua Tries To Show His Brother Who’s Boss…And Hilariously Fails

This Tiny Chihuahua Tries To Show His Brother Who’s Boss…And Hilariously Fails


I bet it happens often to all of us to cross on the walkway with people walking their dogs. And I mean a lot of dogs some big and some small walking toward you or in the other direction it really doesn’t matter.
Now tell me, how many of you have witnessed a scenario when all of a sudden a tiny dog like Chihuahua or Pug starts bark to a big size dog. Every single time I see e scene like that it makes me laugh so hard, just the absurdity of the situation it is so hilarious. And almost always it comes down to this.

The small breed comes across a big dog which I am sure it appears giant in his eyes and all of the sudden he starts bark and won’t stop. When watching I am like seriously buddy, you against him?…But the most precious part is the look the big dog gives to him. He is so indifferent, staying quiet with their heads up high, imposing their dominance with they posture.

It seems like the small buddies want to compensate their sizes with loud barks. In this video you will see a Chihuahua and a Pit Bull on a couch. The Chihuahua just does not stop teasing the Pit Bull which does not give a dam to what this cutie is doing just to have his attention. Even though here we have a Chihuahua who just wants to play, the conclusion is the same: They are eager for attention and won’t stop until they have it. Even though our little buddy is not having his greatest day here, lets hope that next time the Pit Bull will be on a better mood or poor Chihuahua just has to give up begging for attention and find a buddy his own size to play with.

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