This is what happens when you decide to take your dog to...

This is what happens when you decide to take your dog to the vet… LoL


We know that our pets are not big fans of vets really. I mean think about it. Have you ever liked to go the hospital or the dentist when you were little? I would say that 50% of adults or maybe even more, hate to go to the dentist still. I think that this is exactly our pets actually feel about vets. Think about it you guys. Our pets feel very distracted when they go at the vet. They see unfamiliar faces, they can smell all the medicine, they get poked in weird places, and most importantly they get painful shots. Who would actually like that?

The videos you will see below, will give you a general idea, if you still don’t have one, on how dogs feel when they get  picked up from the vet by their parents. Specifically you will be able to see a really hilarious video of a Boxer dog named Jobs. Jobs here is really mad as his daddy for leaving him alone at the vet. Jobs hates the vet and his daddy should know by now. Anywho when Job’s dad goes to pick him up, the dog has the most hilarious reaction ever. I don’t know what he is thinking, but I can say that he is really really mad!!!

But it doesn’t end still. Jobs is truly mad at his daddy, and he has no intentions whatsoever in forgiving him anytime soon. Even though they have arrived home, Jobs refuses to get out of the car. He is ignoring his daddy because he is a traitor for leaving Jobs at the vet. He is like: “I am really mad at you because you lied to me. You are going to suffer for all the things you are doing to me, and right now I don’t want to talk to you, so leave me alone!”