This doberman, and this Horse are friendship GOALS

This doberman, and this Horse are friendship GOALS


We have to admit that animals have the most unusual friendships ever. I dont know what is it with them, but I gotta admit that they are just so adorable. I love the fact that different animals interact with each-other perfectly, creating beautiful long-lasting friendships between them. One of the recent unusual friendships happened between a Doberman and a Horse. These two apparently spend a lot of time together. They have all king of pictures, and they interact naturally.

In the video below you will see different moments these two animals share together. They stay together, they take walks together, they go out on little picnics together, and they love to snuggle apparently. They are both sweet with the other, they both respect the other, and they both know the boundaries they should respect. I mean what else would you need in order to have the perfect friendship ever??


And when one of them is not in the mood, the other tries to make the friend feel better. How they do that? For example the Doberman takes the horse on short walks. He grabs its leash and pulls it forward. On the other hand when the Doberman feels a little bit moody, then the horse doesn’t hesitate to give it a little back scratch, a kiss, or a couple of snuggles. In the end why are friends for?? I am telling you guys, these two are FRIENDSHIP GOALS…

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