And the award for “The Best Dog Owner” goes to this man…

And the award for “The Best Dog Owner” goes to this man…


We all know how much Siberian Huskies like to walk. Generally this dog breed is highly energetic, therefore they want to do different activities during the day. If you are fortunate enough to have a backyard, then you might as well let your pooch outside, and on his/her own the dog can play,walk around, or just enjoy the beauty of the life. Even so, your dog still needs to have a long walk during the day.

A long walk is a must because dogs love to walk around, and sniff everything around them. You also know that a walk is really relaxing for the dog and you as well. But tell me guys what happens when you have a dog that loves walks, but get tired easily? Would you be able to do the same thing that “The Best Dog Owner” of the year does? And if you are still wondering what does this owner does, then allow me to give you a hint:

As I said the dog gets tired from the walks, so “The Best Dog Owner” of the year gives piggyback rides to his beloved pet. YEs you heard that right!!! As you will see in the video, the dog looks really comfortable with the piggyback rides. To me this looks like a normal daily ritual for this adorable pair. And I think what this owner does for his dog is just amazing. I gotta love the fact that this owner appreciates its pet, and treats it the way it deserves to be treated… For more information watch the video below…

Source: Iheartdogs