The abused Chow-Chow has been through a lot. Here is how he...

The abused Chow-Chow has been through a lot. Here is how he looks now


It makes me really sad to read stories like the one I am about to share with you right now. This one is about animal cruelty, and unfortunately stories like this, happen everyday all around the world. I gotta admit that reading these stories changes my mood a lot. I only want to read happy stories, or stories that have a happy ending. Unfortunately our world has many evil people who want to make the others suffer. We are surrounded by so much cruelty that we can’t find the solution to make this world a better place. The abused Chow-Chow has been through a lot.

The Chow-Chow , Harry, you are going to see in here was found chained to the backyard of its owners house. The person from KC Pet Project who rescued him described the situation like this: “Harry was found in the backyard of the owner’s home, Harry was found chained, severely emaciated, and he had an extremely matted and overgrown hair that covered all of his body, the worst part was that he found to be missing a large portion of his nose!!”abused


When they rescued Harry, they said that his situation was really sad. First thing they did was shaving the heavy fur out of him. It took them two hours to get the matted fur out of Harry’s body. Now they are going to let his skin recover. This way the new hair will grow healthy and beautiful.


This is how Harry looks now. The only thing they need to take care next is the injured nose. They have no idea what happened to Harry’s nose, but they think that little by little they will be able to find a solution. abused1

The video below will inform you a little more about Harry’s situation. We are truly grateful for KC Pet Project. Their contribution is really exceptional in helping these animals recover. All animals need a second chance so please don’t hesitate to share this, and let everyone know that this wold needs more good people.

Source: Urdogs


  1. My heart goes out to those poor abused creatures. There should be a strong law to make bad owners suffer the same way as the creatures they abuse. That chow. How was an amaising dog. I can’t see how anyone in their right or any kind of mind could do that to him. My fiance and i are looking for a husky pup to adopt. We have very large yards for a husky to run and lots of time in iur hands to love because the nest is empty. In the mean time someone in politics should intiate a bill to be passed for jarsher punishment for all animal abuse. Iam sorry that. Everthing that man touches he destroys. EVERYTHING has a delicate balance that something else is depending on.The helpless creatures in this planet were supposed to be loved and protected by man and instead they are abused, exploited for their ivory, put in fights and robbed of their natural environments. I just would like to open oir home to one and make sure that at least one creature will never see suffering.