9 Husky Facts for New Owners

9 Husky Facts for New Owners


You’re going to struggle finding a more beautiful dog than a Siberian Husky. With a friendly face like a wolf, they have long fur, thick soft coats and are infinitely cuddly and playful. With piercing eyes and a roguish demeanor, they are very good family pets, especially if they are properly trained, and are known for their friendliness towards people.

If you’re bringing a puppy home for the first time, check out this course and plan for it to be a success. You should also check out this guide on training your puppy so that you can begin making progress and setting the ground rules as soon as you bring your new pet home. One of the first things you’ll want to teach is potty training, which you can learn a little more about in this recent post.

Despite looking like a wolf, a husky is more likely to lick someone to death before they ever bite them. Here’s what makes having a Siberian Husky fantastic, and consider everything before you go out and get a puppy. They might not be the right breed for everyone.

#1- They are shedders.



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  1. I didn’t find it difficult to potty train my huskies, in fact it only took a week for my female. There were many times after that where she’d go on the floor because I couldn’t get her outside in time but I can’t blame her for that. As she got older she was able to hold it in longer.

  2. YEs, I don’t agree with the hard to potty train. They are not hard to potty train at all. Really to me no dog is hard to train any dog we have had Husky or Aussie shep to german sheps were easily potty trained. You just have to take them out ALOT and they pick up to go outside. I have never even used puppy pads or anything with any of my dogs they just got the idea that potty time is outside. That and if you regularly walk or run your dog they learn potty time and exercise fun. Honestly all things said on here was true but the potty thing. As for escaping some do some don’t. None of my huskies ever found the desire or need to leave their home. I guess really it comes done to potty wise with how many times you take them out and show them thats where they potty because if your lazy or don’t take them out a ton then yeah they’ll potty always in the house. Mine as pups or ADULTS for that matter went when they woke up from sleeping the night away or dearing the day they went out or when they had sat for a long while they went out and they went out when I decided I had to potty they. Never had a potty issue. I think it is lazyness on people’s part OR the dog just doesn’t wanna be in the house or the last one people don’t understand youcan’t take them out less than 5 times a day. I go almost every hour to 30 mind with my aussie pup sometimes << partly because if he has to dribble a pee he wants out he refuses to go in the house and he's 8 months old . LOL

  3. My husky is a runner as soon as I let him off his leash and this dude is gone I’m telling you none can catch him if you’re a marathon runner you’ll look like a fat kid running next to him he’ll leave you eating dust and he’ll be back when he’s thirsty or hungry lol.