You all have seen these two before, but when you see the...

You all have seen these two before, but when you see the full story you will be overwhelmed with cuteness…


We are talking about an adorable baby girl named Eisleigh and her best friend pit bull called Clyde. A few years ago I have seen the video I will share with you below, and instantly I fell in love with these two adorable creatures. Just watching how close these two were made me realise that there is nothing cuter than getting a puppy when a baby comes into the family. Different studies have shown that babies who have been raised around a dog are less likely to get allergies, are more sociable, and grow with the sense of sharing, caring, and being responsible. Once you will see the video below you will understand who am I talking about. But that is just the beginning of it all. The journey these two have been into is just amazing to witness, and I believe that these two are the luckiest to have each-other at all times.

#1 This is the video of Eisleigh and Clyde that went viral almost two years ago. But since then they have only grown cuter trust me. 


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