They saved a feral dog whose journey to rehabilitation has been like...

They saved a feral dog whose journey to rehabilitation has been like this so far…


It is really sad to think that people tend to treat feral dogs really bad. Or even worse, when they get a chance people tend to put aggressive feral dogs down, and they think that it is for good. The thing is that these poor creatures are the way they are because of the harsh life they have had. Think about it you guys. Your pets are the way they are because you have raised them with love and care. Can you imagine if your pet was to be born on the streets, and therefore live there for a good amount of time? Don’t you think that your beloved sweet loving pet would be nothing but a feral dog?

The point I am trying to make is that dogs will always act the way they have been raised. If they have been raised with love, they will be lovely. On the other hand, if they have been raised in the streets where the life is rather difficult, they will tend to be aggressive. Today i will share the story of a feral dog who was saved by The Kill Kern organization. The rescuers spotted the dog, whom they named Billie Jean, standing under a trailer, and they brought him to their shelter. As you can imagine, Billie Jean was a feral dog. No matter how hard the rescuers tried to approach her, she refused to let anyone touch her.

That is why they decided to put her in rehabilitation. They knew that deep down Billie Jean was a sweet dog who does not know what love means. But as they tried to take her to rehabilitation, they found out that the canine was pregnant. she had a puppy herself, but then they had to put her into the emergency room for a C-section. Fortunately she had all her precious babies. Once the rescuers found out that the puppies were healthy, they decided to put Billie Jean into rehabilitation. Thus far she has been pretty good, and soon enough Billie Jean will turn into a sweet adorable canine. The video below will best describe the situation of the poor homeless dog. Enjoy!!!