The puppy was truly struggling from drowning when he fell in a...

The puppy was truly struggling from drowning when he fell in a sewage tank, then this happened.


The story I will share with you in this article happened in India. As some of you might not know, India is a poor country, and as one there are a lot of homeless and stray dogs wandering around the country all the time. One of the worst things is that is is not uncommon in India to see wells, drains, pits, and tanks of all types left open with no barrier or warning signs alerting passersby. That is the reason why many dogs drown every day if no one is there to give them a hand. The same happened to the dog we are going to talk about. The poor creature feel in a sewage filled with icy cold water.

Luckily some good samaritans called Animal Aid Unlimited when they heard voices coming from the sewage. They imagined that a dog had fallen, and in no time the rescuers were there to save the life of the poor dog. When the rescuers arrived, they checked the sewage to see if anyone had fallen in there, and just as they expected a poor dog was struggling to keep its head above the water. One of the guys pulled the dog out of the sewage, and immediately they folded a huge sheet around it. The dog had almost frozen because of the cold water, and he could not move its limbs.

They took the dog at their rescue center, where they gave it the first needed medication. They feed the dog, and left him in a kennel to get some rest. As you will see from the video, the dog felt better the next day. He was up and able to walk. The only thing is that he was terrified from humans. The good news is that the dog got rescued and is alive. Little by little he will start trusting people again because they saved his life.

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