This Poor Hummingbird would have died if it wasn’t for this furry...

This Poor Hummingbird would have died if it wasn’t for this furry friend…


Last year just a little earlier than this time a year, a man named Ed Gernon adopted a dog from a rescuing facility. He says that from the first moment he saw the dog, whom he later called Rex, he knew he had to have it. So he went ahead, filled the papers, and took his newest best friend home. Ed said that it was something about Rex that made him fall in love at first sight. But Rex, the mixed Shepherd was not the most sociable or friendly dog in the world. As Ed says, he was really dangerous to other pets at first because he used to fight with other dogs and kill other cats. I know that is terrible to hear, but you should take in consideration that Rex had to live in the streets for a long time before he was rescued, therefore he had to be tough to survive.

But just a couple of weeks after Ed adopted Rex he changed completely. Ed was able to understand that Rex had changed because of a situation that happened one day. We are not talking about a normal situation, and from what I can judge we are not talking about an ordinary dog either.

Well it all started when Ed catched Rex rescuing a hummingbird. Looked like the poor bird was badly injured, and Rex was standing next to it. At first Ed could not understand what was happening, but once he got closer, he saw that Rox was actually protection the dog. He was watching her out, and protecting her from any threats. Little by little the hummingbird got better, and it was a second addition to the family of Ed. Now he had two beautiful unusually friends: his beloved dog, and his teeny tiny hummingbird. The video below will best tell you the story of this beautiful, peaceful family… Enjoy!!!

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