This poor fox couldn’t make any friends, but then this dog stepped...

This poor fox couldn’t make any friends, but then this dog stepped in… Oh My


One of the things I love most about dogs is their outgoing character. I am well aware that not all dogs can be put in this category, but generally dogs tend to be really easy going. To them it doesn’t matter whether you are a dog or not, if they like you, they will be friends with you. You can recall all the unlikely friendships we have shared in here over the past couple of months, and instantly you will understand what I am talking about. And today I will show you about another unlikely friendship between a dog and a fox. It looks like the fox could not make any friends at the Georgia’s A New Hope: Animal Sanctuary And Educational Center, Maxine Baird, the director of the center thought of a really efficient way to solve the problem.

The little fox in this picture is named Soul, and it was having a little trouble getting along with the other animals at the ASEC. The director of the center said that: “he comes on a little strong,” and that is when he had a brilliant idea. 

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