Laser Pointers Game Is Bad For Your Dog

Laser Pointers Game Is Bad For Your Dog


We all have played with laser pointers during our childhood years. And I must admit, it was pretty entertaining game to play. I even remember that the laser pointers came with different shapes. All you needed to do is change the head of the laser that points with another shape, such as wild animal, a star etc. The most fun part was were you pointed it towards someone just to see them end up irritated and annoyed. It seems to be funny only when you are holding it. But not funny at all when you are the target.



This is what happens when you try to play with your dog using the laser. At first you might think this must be entertaining for him too since he is reacting and trying to catch it. What we don’t understand is that giving a dog the thrill of a chase without giving him the joy of catching it, could get your pup really stressed.


A dog can get so driven chasing the red light that he might find it hard to stop afterwards . It would me much more appropriate to offer your dog toys that are similar to pray and that actually have a winning reward at the end.  Such as throwing a tennis ball, a small branch or a frisbee. If you continue to make your dog catch the red light he might just end up biting you in the…..



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