The pit bull is so scared of the cat he tiptoes around...

The pit bull is so scared of the cat he tiptoes around it!!!


It is really usual to see cat and dogs not getting around with one another. sometimes cats fear the dogs, but other times dogs fear the cats. The later is the case we are going to see in this post. We are talking about Redd, the lovely 5-year-old pit bull, who is completely terrified of the cat at his foster home. Even though the pit bull is fully grown up, he is truly scared at his other fellow pet.


“We have no idea why he’s so afraid of the cat,” Donna Darrell, founder & co-executive Director of Pound Hounds Res-Q NYC rescue group, told Bored Panda. One can only wonder. However, as Darrell said, Redd is “an amazing dog,” and is great with other dogs, though he’s not so good with children. His foster family would “adopt them in a heartbeat,” but they’re expecting.

In this following video you will see Redd tip toeing around the house because he knows that the feline is somewhere around. By doing this the dog knows that the cat will hopefully not hear him moving around, and so he can proceed doing whatever it is that he wants to do. I am telling you guys, Redd is one intelligent, careful, adorable dog. Enjoy the video.

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Given that Redd is such an amazing pit bull we truly hope that he finds his forever home as soon as possible.  share this post with all your loved ones because everyone should watch how amazing this dog is…


Source: BoredPanda