“I am an outside dog, and this is the sad raw truth...

“I am an outside dog, and this is the sad raw truth about my miserable life.”


It is really ad to think that some dogs get to live the life of their dream. They have a shelter, they have food, they have water, and of course lots of belly scratches on a daily bases. On a parallel world there are homeless or outdoor dogs who have neither one of what I mentioned above except for the food. It is so sad to think that these dogs have nothing in their lives. They are willing to do whatever it takes to live a normal life, but no chance is given to them whatsoever.

The following video is a story about an outdoor dog. the poor creature lives a miserable life. He is really lonely, unloved, and left out of this world. Thanks to a good neighbor living on front of his house, Charlie now has a voice. The world knows who is he, and what does his life looks like. it is your turn to find out what kind of life is Charlie living, and I assure you that once you are done watching this video, you will never feel the same for outdoor dogs.

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  1. Hi my name Renee the husky left out side if there is anyway to get him from owner I will take him 😢❤️I have a husky and love him dearly he sleeps with me every night my email is

  2. Hi my name is Renee if there is anyway i can take the husky of the man who clearly does not
    Want him i will give him a loving home i have a husky and love him and sleeps with me every night 💕💕 please email me if i can help

  3. My name is Gabriela we do have two dogs, i was very upset with this poor dog if there is any way we can adopt him we will please let us know how can we fly to where he is located at, please please we will take care of him. 333021639, Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. e-mail