You know there is an island where you can play with puppies...

You know there is an island where you can play with puppies at the beach and adopt if you want to bring one home?


In the Caribbean there in an island called Turks & Caicos where you can make new puppy friends, and even bring one home? Yeas you read that right. This paradise offers you not only the white sand beaches, and the turquoise waters, but also a companion which you might have for life. The puppies you will find in this island is called Potcake which is a mixed-breed found in the region.Potcake Place K9 Rescue, run by Jane Parker-Rauw, is there to help these creatures find new homes. This organization started 11 years ago, in 2005. Ever since almost 500 dogs per year have found forever homes. Unfortunately there are no shelters in the Island so single volunteers have to foster the puppies until they find forever homes. For more info click the images below…

Yes it is true you guys. On this Caribbean Island you can hug with puppies all day long if you want to. 


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