Top 10 most aggressive dogs!

Top 10 most aggressive dogs!


If we don’t train our properly they will not behave like they are supposed too! In this list You will see which are the most aggressive dogs, when not trained, or when they have been kept isolated from the world! It is not necessarily a dog that defines the whole . Anyways studies have shown that these 10 aggressive dogs have bitten a couple of people, just because they have felt threatened or scared! Remember dogs only bite for self-protection!

10-Doberman Pinscher

They have been used as police dogs, guards, or for protection. Therefore they were not expected to be friendly at first! Now that people use them as companions they have calmed , and have bitten only nine people according to studies.

Top 10 most aggressive dogs!


  1. this site is just ridiculous. “Official husky lovers” my butt. The first terrible article I read from you was about “cute shaved huskies”, if you love huskies you know never to shave them. And now this bull?! Did your information come from temperament testing or did someone just grab bite data off google? Small dogs like chihuahuas and mini poodles are much more aggressive and bite 4x more than bigger dogs. Bites from bigger dogs are just reported more because of the damage inflicted. My husky wouldn’t hurt a fly and most huskies won’t. It’s terrible, false, articles like this that keep this beautiful breed on “aggressive lists” limiting their adoption from shelters and acceptance into families and neighborhoods. Do some research before posting things like this. You’re giving the breed you claim to love a title it does not deserve.

    • I agree. I have Huskies who would never hurt anyone and I’ve had putbulls for 20 years. Never had one bite anyone. My minuture dachshund will bite you in a minute. She is mean as a snake if she doesnt like you. You never shave a husky. Its insane.

    • Hey Sarah! We love all dog breeds, because we are animal lovers over here! If you want more detailed information about these dog breeds you can read the countless articles we have about them! In this article we tried to give people a hint of aggressive dogs according to a study! I know that smaller dogs bite, but they do not cause the same damage like a Pit-Bull, or a Doberman Pinscher! If you read the article you must know that I specified at the begining “Dogs act like we treat, and train them.”

      • “I know that smaller dogs bite, but they do not cause the same damage like a Pit-Bull, or a Doberman Pinscher!”

        So, what? In your opinion a dog is only aggressive if it causes enough damage when it bites?

  2. Man, your knowledge on different dogs breeds is very limited and this article proves it. You only said 2 or 3 things about each dog; most of it saying the same thing just worded differently.

  3. In my experience it is rarely the dog that is the problem regardless of breed.No one dog is more likely to harm you, and they are all capable of it.

  4. They forgot the chiwawa who killed 99 persons, for real if they have to count every dog that have bitten someone better put all of them…

  5. Well YOU folks are helping me one bit!!!!! My malamute-huskies are docile loving pups!!!! Do I train yes but, as every dog, they need Exercise!!! If you are lazy & unloving then they will suffer- Boredom! My big guy is 100.5 lb. he is Very polite & mannerly , he prefers people- goes out to eat, on vacation & Lowes! SO BITE ME!!!!!!!!!

  6. This article is ridiculous if u actually do research you would know more people are bitten by golden retrievers than any other dog

  7. Why are they all bigger dog breeds. I’m a dog groomer and i’ve never been bitten by a larger dog its always the small ones and its not me either they bite for no reason. Ya I know big dogs bite to all dogs bite but seriously? Come on. Dumb asses.

  8. This article is a load of shit!!!!! Your just putting a bad rep on dogs that could be loving and absolutely amazing!!!!!! I have a pit bull and he has never bitten anyone nor would he ever he loves people!! People please do your research if you are looking to adopt don’t believe this shit! Do research else where not here!

    • Hi Briana! If you carefully read the article I said at the beginning that dogs act like their owners treat, and train them! I have had a Boxer mixed with Pit-Bull, and he was the sweetest dog ever! You better should know that a lot of Pit-Bulls are used for fights all around the world, and its them I speak about when I say “aggressive dogs.”

      • “Anyways studies have shown that these 10 aggressive dogs have bitten a couple of people, just because they have felt threatened or scared! Remember dogs only bite for self-protection!”

        I find your use of the term ‘just because’ in this section frightening. Biting is a dogs way of telling you to back off, and usually only comes after the dog has given you MANY other signals that you need to leave it alone. Granted not always but more often than not being bitten by a dog is actually the humans fault, not the dog’s.
        Also, what studies? Can you provide reputable sites that these ‘studies’ have been posted on? You do know that just because a dog has bitten/attacked someone it doesn’t instantly make the breed ‘aggressive’, right? I ask because that is essentially what you have said here.

        You have called your article ‘Most Aggressive Dogs’ and then given no varified facts to back up the claims you are making against each breed you have randomly decided to add to your list. You don’t even have fake numbers on the German Shepard you have just thrown it in there.

  9. I disagree completly. Small breeds are way more aggressive. You don’t hear about small dog attacks very often because their too small to do much damage! And they don’t bite on when threatened. Small dogs tend to be grumpy and will become aggressive simply because you disturbed them from a nap. Large breeds get a bad rap but it’s really the smaller dogs who are aggressive

  10. Who wrote this crap? There is very little actual information here, and I’d LOVE to know where the ‘attack’ numbers have been pulled from too.
    The reason dogs who are used as fighting dogs are aggressive is because they were TRAINED to be, it has absolutely NO bearing on the traits of the breed in question, which the author would know if they knew anything about dogs.
    Putting Pitbulls as the #1 aggressive breed is 100% lies. Pitbulls make the BEST family pets and were originally bred to be children’s pets, because they can take being climbed on and yanked about WITHOUT snapping.
    The top 5 on list list should be small dogs, they are the most likely to bite. This is fact.
    Next time you write an article get the facts before you start or you will end up with another load of misleading, lie filled, garbage like this.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for posting this online, or anywhere really.

    I’m a Husky owner, used to have a German Shepard, have never and will never own a ‘little’ dog, because I like my children.

  11. I have to agree with everyone else but yourself, Mary,this might be the dumbest, inaccurate, misleading article I have ever read. It’s almost as if you wrote this for a fifth grade project.
    For starters, this article cannot be named the top 10 most aggressive dogs.

    October 4, 2015 at 3:16 am
    “I know that smaller dogs bite, but they do not cause the same damage like a Pit-Bull, or a Doberman Pinscher!”

    So, what? In your opinion a dog is only aggressive if it causes enough damage when it bites)
    Rebecca clearly refutes that with the above statement. Let alone you state this yourself,
    “In this article we tried to give people a hint of aggressive dogs according to a study!” I guess I’ll begin by saying that making a top ten list of ANYTHING should not be done over one or even a few, limited studies. Also, you never state this any where in the article but in a reply to a legitimate rebuttal.

    Next, one of the sources you have provided (again in a reply not the article) states, “Despite this, it’s neither accurate nor wise to judge a dog by her breed.” Yet, you’re doing exactly that in this article.

    Another thing, you write on the first page, “Now that people use them as companions they have calmed down, and have bitten only nine people according to studies”, and on the husky page, “The aggressive dogs list shows that they have bitten 15 people…” Do you honestly think that only 9 and 15 people have EVER been bitten by these dogs?! (the first being after becoming companions?) Dogs get mistreated, which I know you agree, and I can guarantee you these numbers are no where close to the true amount. I know you say”according to studies” but that does not take away from the unfair and false information you are spreading to people who may not know dogs as well as we who have replied to your article. I know you also state it’s how the owner raises and trains there dog but you seem to not realize how to view your message in someone else’s eyes, due to a terrible delivery of unclear & unconcise statements.

    For pitbulls, “They have bitten, attacked and killed more than 66 people! They are used as fight dogs, and that explains their aggression” Obviously your numbers are very low if u think they have only bitten 66 people since there existence. That also does not explain there aggression, even if considering in general breed aggression, and you misinform people by saying that they are used as fight dogs. Maybe at some time &some part in the world they were (or are)used as that but to state that all are is unfair. It’s like me saying huskies were bred to pull light loads at a fast rate and that’s why my huskies love every person they see or love to invade my personal space. In the end it just doesn’t make sense.

    I understand what you were trying to inform people with your article but i hope you’ll look at the many criticisms and suggestions given to you by your replies. Overall, you’re article is not fair to readers who may be potential dog owners, with or without children,who are looking for some guidance on safe dogs to own. Being an owner of two fantastic huskies there is no other type of dog I’d want my kids to be around; a TOTALLY nonaggressive dog that the worst it could do is lick you to death. Do more research and show how smaller, yappie dogs are even more aggressive in general, let alone less forgiving to a small child who is growing and exploring its boundaries. Aggression in dogs is not and never will be viewed as how much damage it can inflict on others. These are my opinions, I’m no professional, but thought I’d show you how i interpreted your article. Be sure to see it from others point of view, empathize if you want to call it that, and make the message you’re delivering clear.

  12. I trained dogs for 10 years and can quite happily say that all the lovely dogs on this ridiculous completely nonsense list are always being given the worst kind of exposure because they are large breeds. A lot of the time these dogs are generally used for the guarding and protection that they are meant for but no one looks twice when a chihuahua or terrier rips into someone as they are little. Bollocks I say. The smaller the dog the nastier the temper they have. It also comes down to individual training and treatment. Yes all dogs bite and can be aggressive no matter what breed or type. I have trained all sizes of dog and personally I prefer the bigger dogs as they are better to train and more inclined to discipline than the small breed dog.