Mandi, the rescuing story of a homeless pit bull…

Mandi, the rescuing story of a homeless pit bull…


When I started watching the video I am sharing with you in this post i thought to myself: “We all could make a change in this world, if we take the time to do one good thing at a time.” I was inspired by two really good samaritans who provided a shelter, water and food on a daily basis for a homeless pit bull. the good samaritans knew they had to do something so they called Hope for Paws hoping that the organization would provide a brighter future for a sweet and caring dog like Mandi.

When Hope for Paws arrived where the pit bull was located, they start preparing the territory to make sure that the dog will not leave. Even though they were a little bit sceptical about his situation, they soon found out that Mandi is as sweet as a dog could be. He didn’t make any resistance to the rescuing, and once he was able to understand that these people were not going to hurt him, he allowed them to do their thing. The video below will guide you through the rescuing process, and if you are willing to adopt Mandi, contact the website provided at the very end of the video…

Source: Viralnova