She lets her dog walk her, and this is what she has...

She lets her dog walk her, and this is what she has learned so far…


Chelsea is a girl who has decided to share a really interesting story with the rest of the world. Time after time I have shared with you important tips on how to walk your dog, the do’s and the don’t and what this girl has practiced recently is one of the big DO’s we have suggested you to do long time ago. It is really interesting in hearing a story from another person, and listening to what she has to say about this very important tip. We are talking about: Letting your dog to walk you and not the opposite. Why? In this post you will get all the answers you have been waiting for, answered from someone who has experienced this first hand.

Allow me to introduce you to Chelsea and her dog Hadley. Through the following pictures you will learn about her experience. Everything you will read above is her statement. 


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