11 things Husky owners can understand better than other owners

11 things Husky owners can understand better than other owners


If you already have a Husky, then you are the luckiest person in the world. Not only you have gotten yourself a pet, but also a best friend, a life partner, and a partner in crime. The following 11 pictures will show a reality only Husky owners can understand. And if you don’t have a Husky dog, what are you waiting for??? Don’t you wanna have a dog that is so much into you, that he/she would do anything just to see a bright smile on your face?? Well anyways for all the husky owners this is a reality that you perfectly understand, and to all those who don’t have a Husky yet, then this is what you are missing:

#1- Your children, if you have any, will get a best friend for life.

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  1. I have a 3 yr old Husky. This is my first experience with this breed. They are very unique dogs. BO knows when I or anyone else is upset. He can be clingy. Loves to play & has his favorite stuffed bear & a throw pillow off the couch that he sleeps with.If you are not familiar with this breed,do your homework, the y can be a handful.

  2. The smartest dog I ever owned was a sweet Siberian husky male I named Skye; he was so easy to train; I never had to leash him; even in busy crowded cities; Skye walked regally beside me and when I stopped; Skye would stop; look up at me and sit waiting for my command; I didn’t have to say a word – sometimes I would just point or signal with my hands or head; Skye was a part of my heart and soul; he always made sure we were safe❤️