Huskies love this 9 things more than anything in the entire world…

Huskies love this 9 things more than anything in the entire world…


Have you ever thought what does your dog or cat loves the most? If so, how does the list look like? Personally I have a cat, and her list looks like this: food, playing, naps, getting outside, watching out the window, food, naps, playing, food, naps. I am telling you, she is quite a cat, and very self-centered too. She will only come to me when she wants me to feed her, but I love her just the way she is. Today I want to show you 10 things that Huskies love the most in the entire world. Huskies, and dogs in general, are very different from cats. They love their humans very much, and they actually enjoy spending time with us. I am telling you guys that their list looks quite adorable. See for yourself:

#9- Huskies Love to make new friends on a daily basis. They are very easy going, and friendly… 

Huskies love

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    • I live in canada, and we have two huskies, ours live outside all year long, they are free to do whatever they want, they do not seem to suffer from even the coldest temperature, the only time they ever get in the house is when its raining on top of snow, i don’t feel like its okay to have a dog detained inside and especially a husky, what mines love the most is when i go in the wood and let them spend all their energy running around me in the trails, they are lovely dog but they need to move alot

    • Of course Huskies LOVE cold weather — they are, after all, SIBERIAN HUSKIES!!! Siberia is a VERY cold part of the world. We had a Husky that stretched out on our deck in the middle of a snow storm as though he were a sun bather stretched out on a Florida beach!! The wind was blowing, and the snow was falling, and he was in seventh heaven!! His favorite game was to be outside when my husband was clearing the snow off the deck; my husband would take a shovel full of snow and throw it off the deck — and our Husky would be right there, with his mouth wide open, to gulp as much of the snow as he could and feel the rest of the snow on his face!! He demanded that my husband do this over and over and over again, and made his displeasure well known when the deck was cleared and he had to come back into the house. No. Bianca, don’t worry about taking your Husky out in the cold; he’ll love you for it!!!!

  1. We had A husky/ Shepard mix. We had to end her pain but not our love for her in December of 2013. She was a tri color wht/tan/blk and Beautiful BLUE eyes. We live in PA., USA. although we don’t have a Super cold winter we do get below 15 with windchill’s even lower quite a bit. Our girl loved the cold and she even liked the summer. Its funny a dog who is bred for the cold has no problem sunning in the driveway during the summer on a 80 degree day. We had an old picnic table with benches attached that she loved to lay on. My wife would brush her on one side then tell her OK, OVER and she would stand up and then lay so my wife could then brush her other side. She was Smart, Brave, Beautiful and GREAT WITH THE KIDS and their friends. BUT she hated cats, squirls and a number of other furry types that would pay for coming into her yard. If you have a Husky you need to have a sizable yard or area for them to run around under your control. OH, and they CAN DIG. She would dig under our chain link fence. I would fill the dirt back in with some good sized rocks and she had no problem moving the rocks and escaping again. She tested my brains more than once but I finally found the solution. It’s funny watching your kids and their friends trying to catch a Husky in the snow she would run from them turn around run past them then stop and look at them and run past them again. Most of the time food would work and they would catch her. But it was really funny, 4 paw drive much better than 2 feet in the snow. Our dog spent time inside as well, mostly on really HOT summer days in the AC but she never minded being out in the cold or in thunder/rain storms. There was a lot of times we would have to go outside and make her come in on some of the worst days. Maybe some day we will get another dog but it will not be for quite a while.