Her father drove almost every week 60 miles because…

Her father drove almost every week 60 miles because…


I know that maybe you all will be suspicious about this next post, but anyway here it is.

A user in Imgur has posted a video a few days ago with the caption: “This guy brings the family dog 60 miles on his day off every week to see his daughter who recently moved out for college, this is them after the visit. Could bring a tear to a glass eye. ADORABLE!, Good Guy Dad.”

I know you can be not that sure about that, but think about it. If you had a dog with whom you grew up since a kid, and you college was only 60 miles away from your home, would your parents bring the dog along to meet you? I know you might say that the girl can go back home, but maybe she is working during weekends, as it looks like. I am telling you, I don’t know if the story is 100% true, but why do we always have to think of negative outcomes? Why don’t we just enjoy some things as they look like? They will just make us feel good, and they will make us happier in a way.

Have you ever thought that the more positive thoughts one have, the better one feels? Thinking positively, or thinking beautiful things, can easily improve our mood. Therefore we feel happier, and the world gets beautiful. This is what I am talking about people. We all know that life is not only peaches and creams, but we don’t have to drag ourselves down all the time, jut to please our ego.


Source: TheDodo