His friend was dying, but this loyal dog decided to stay by...

His friend was dying, but this loyal dog decided to stay by his side until the last breath…


In this post once more we will prove you that the loyalty of the dogs is just unbreakable. These creatures are just too dedicated and compassionate after their loved ones that I would love to live in a world filled with dogs. Since that is a little bit too much to ask for, I just have to be happy with the fact that these creatures are part of our lives. The only thing left for us to do is to treat them with as much love as they treat us. With that being said I would love to share a really interesting, yet heartbreaking story with all you.

Today we are talking about a Golden Retriever mix in South Africa named Hero who went from being a stray dog, to a family pet because of what he did for his best friend.

According to the SPCA Durban’s Facebook page, on March 18th, concerned citizens called the SPCA when two dogs were struck by a train. But as they investigated the story even further, they found out that only one of the dogs was actually injured. The second pup, Hero, just refused to leave its side because he was not going to allow his friend to die. 


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