The fire Department in New Orleans save this kitten’s life thanks to...

The fire Department in New Orleans save this kitten’s life thanks to this object…


About two weeks ago a small kitchen fire broke out on Columbus Street in New Orleans. Unfortunately the location where the fire took place was home to three cats. The good news is that two of the cats involved in the fire were able to run out and save themselves. They were in good health conditions and they got out of the danger without any injury. The bad news is that the last cat could not manage to get out. She was not quite as lucky as her two other friends, to save herself from the dangerous fire.

Luckily The New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD) arrived on the scene on time to find the third cat. The poor little creature was standing near the flames lifeless. Fortunately the firefighters were able to locate her, and they acted quickly. They removed the cat from the home and away from the fire. Just as they rescued her from the dangerous deadly flames, they supplied the little feline with a special oxygen mask designed specially for cats and dogs. reports that it only took minutes for the cat to get back to life.

“I guess he has eight more lives,” NOFD Doug Cardinale told Cardinale also added that the cat was returned to his owner and is believed to be in good health.

Here is an adorable picture of the cat who was saved from what could have bee a tragedy. Thanks to the firefighters and the oxygen mask, the cat was able to breath again, and have a second chance in life.

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