Even though Lions are the kings of the jungle, they can’t resist...

Even though Lions are the kings of the jungle, they can’t resist a fun toy…


While watching the video below, I got into thinking that Lions are not that different from cats. I mean when they live in a zoo, all they do all day is laying around, taking several naps during the day, eat, and of course play. As you will see in the video these Lions have to have different activities during the day in order to have a healthy mind and a healthy body. The person who’s in charge of creating the toys for the lions will best describe the minds and thoughts of the lions.

On the other hand, I will focus on the fact that these giants look exactly like cats. When I say they look exactly like cats I am talking about the way they walk, lay around, but most importantly about the way they play. While watching this video, instantly I started comparing the moves of these huge creatures to the moves of my teeny tiny cat. I am well aware that these are two different animals we are talking about, but as I said I am comparing their moves, and how they are obsessed with these games. For example who has a cat knows that cats love to chase ropes around the house, or they jump every time you tease them with something that moves.


With all that being said I would like to tell you that these 250 pound predators are one of my favorite animals in the world because they are so smart and so alert of everything that happens around them. That is why i like to call my teeny tiny cat a little lioness in the XXXXXS size :P. Enjoy the video, and tell me what do you think…

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