These dogs would have been sold as meat if they stayed in...

These dogs would have been sold as meat if they stayed in South Korea, but then this happened…


It is really sad to think that in South Korea buying, selling, and eating dog meat is legal. We don’t know yet why this country is so pro animal cruelty, but we surely want to do something to make that change. People have to understand once and for all that dogs are not food. Dogs are supposed to be our companions. They are the ones that change our lives dramatically just by being present in it. Dogs have the power to make us better, to make our lives better, and to make us see the world in a whole different perspective.

The organizations PAWsitive Channel, Aniband, and Doggie Protective Services work day and night to help these animals in need. They want to save as many dogs from this country as possible. Their aim is to make the “dog eating” law unavailable, but so far the struggle has not paid off, or at leas not fully. What these organizations are doing now, is they buy these dogs from people who raise them with the purpose to sell them latter on to a dog meat factory, and bring them back to US. Only this way they can truly save these poor creatures from those who have no good intentions whatsoever.


It is really sad to see that many of these dogs have never even been out of a cage, and once they experience freedom, they can’t hide their emotions. They want to run free, and feel the wind up against their faces. They want to experience life the way they should, and all is possible now that they have been brought to the land of freedom. Once these dogs are put up for adoption, instantly they find their forever homes. My heart felt so much joy just watching these poor creatures smiling for the first time. They deserve all the love and the cuddles they are gonna get from their beloved families. Thank you to everyone who works so hard to make this happen. Please share!


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  1. I was born in Korea, and started studying abroad in the U.S. starting 4th grade. my family stayed in Korea so I have been going back home to the country once or twice every year. I went to elementary, middle, high school, college, and am currently a grad student living in NYC. I got my citizenship in the U.S. few years ago.

    I enjoy following because I had a dog myself, who passed away of old age after living my family for good 16 years. We loved him very much, and took care of him for the last two years of his life when he couldn’t walk, use the toilets, or eat on his own.

    Enough about me, I just wanted to point out that South Korea is not “pro animal cruelty” as you stated. This statement, and the way you phrased the whole first paragraph is deeply offensive. Yes, as sad as it is, some people eat dogs, as that has been part of the country’s culture for some time since the past. Note that South Korea is not the only country in Asia that has or had this culinary culture. Many parts of China and countries in Southeast Asia still consider dogs to be good source of meat. This has been part of their history and culture for a long time. This is similar to other people in the world calling the entire country of United States so “pro-homicidal” and “pro-cruelty” because guns are legal.

    I do not condone eating dogs whatsoever, not just because I grew up with my dog, but also because I simply think that now a days, there are much more food available to us–most, I’m sure, taste better than dog meat. However, what we need to understand is not every country or societies in this world is like the U.S. where you can simply walk of your house, walk few blocks to get to a store or restaurant where you can buy whatever food you want. Many countries in Southeast Asia still eat dog meat because this abundance of food and convenience of obtaining food is still not as easy as it is here in the U.S.

    Going back to dog meat in Korea, as I’ve stated above, yes some people eat dog meat. Yes selling and eating dog meat is legal. And yes, despite efforts from many Koreans and animal rights activists from outside the country, the law to make it illegal still hasn’t passed. I don’t think it’s because the country is “pro animal cruelty. In fact, there is literally more than around 1/5th of the population who has had or currently have a dog(s). Korean culture has changed so much in the past 20 years that most people in the younger generation now have much better appreciation of animal rights and animal cruelty.

    However, one of the top reason people who are against making dog meat illegal give is that people simply feel “who are they to tell us what to eat and what not to eat, when this has been part of our culture for a long time?” Most people who don’t believe in making dog meat illegal, probably have never even had dog meat–if they did, they probably tried it once in the past and did not like the taste or just couldn’t eat it just because it’s dog meat. Instead, they give examples like Foie Gras, or other beef, chicken, or pork food industries in the Western countries, especially the U.S., that are abundant and available only because the animals are born in a cage, live in the cage their entire life, and slaughtered to be mass produced. So they say, “why do these Westerners think they can tell us what to eat and what not to eat when they also eat animals for food.”

    I realize that I’m just rambling on now, but the point I’m trying to make is that “the country” is not “so pro animal cruelty” as you phrased it in this post. And the way you grouped the entire country together as bunch of pro animal cruelty dog eaters is quite offensive to the many Korean people who have been fighting for animal rights, and to the many people who love and and live with our little animal friends.

    Food is one of the biggest aspects of a culture. And in this world, people eat different food, like different food, and some people like one type of food over another. I think dog meat situation in Korea needs to be changed, but not banned or made illegal simply because the Westerners or Koreans who are better educated (or so they think) think that eating dog meat is wrong thing to do because it’s the case in other parts of the world. A popular voice regarding this situation is that the government should regulate the dog meat and make it into an industry, so that dogs could be slaughtered as humanely as possible just like cows and pigs for beef and pork processing. I don’t want to go into this issue because I already wrote too much.

    In any case, I just wanted to point this out to the people who run this website, and people who visit this website, like myself, because they love dogs and animals so much. I don’t want anyone to have the wrong idea that South Korea is a “pro animal cruelty” country, because it simply is not true. As I’ve stated above, please do not group the entire country as “pro animal cruelty,” as this is same thing as calling the U.S. a “pro-homicidal” country because guns are legal and people get killed every year because of it (and we all know just because guns are legal, not everyone in the country is pro-gun or pro-homicidal).