She was devastated when her dog disappeared two years ago, but wait...

She was devastated when her dog disappeared two years ago, but wait until you see what happens…


Losing a pet is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. It is really devastated to think of the idea that your best friend is not with you anymore because he disappeared somewhere in the open. The worst part is thinking about its well-being. It is really stressful living with the idea that your pet can or can not be alive. If it is alive, where is it? What is it doing? Is it OK? Is it safe? All sort of questions pop in our head because of the fact that we can’t do anything to find it. Well the same thing happened to Debbie Petranck.

She lost her best friend, her pug-nosed terrier Zeus wandered away from home and was nowhere to be found. Even though Debbie searched everywhere for her dog, she had no idea where he went. The idea that Zeus might be alive stressed her out because she could not find him. He was nowhere to be found, and his mommy could not sleep at night thinking that her baby was somewhere out there looking for her. Even though she put an ad in the newspaper every week, no results whatsoever came from it.


But then two years ago, when Debbie’s hopes had long died, she received a call from a shelter. The shelter was almost 1,000 miles away from her house. Apparently a man had found the dog wandering around a fast food restaurant near his home in Ocala, Florida. When the man moved to Detroit, he brought the dog with him, but Zeus managed to escape from his new daddy again. This time he ended up in a shelter named Dearborn Animal Shelter. That’s when they checked him for a microchip, and found out that he had a home. The shelter called Debbie, and she derived all night to reunite with her beloved pet. The video below shows the moment when the two of them reunited. OMG such a heart-breaking scene. Luckily these two found one another again…


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