Dogs Playing

Watching dogs playing  with each other can arguably be the most irresistible thing to watch. Slow, elegant movements for the more mature and quick nervous little steps for the younger and more resourceful ones. Under any circumstances play... Read more

Guard dogs

Dogs are friends, companions and loyal little helpers. But occasionally they can also be great guards, ready to guard their humans and their humans’ properties at the cost of their lives. Many guard dogs might feel that way but unfortunately... Read more

Dog walk is not always easy and fun

One of the most tiring obligations you have to follow when you are taking care of a dog, is talking it for a walk. It might be the most enjoyable part of the for them, but for you – unless you seize the chance to jog a little, if you are the... Read more

6 Tricks To Teach Your Dog

Teaching your dog some smart dog tricks can help not only impress your friends but also build a healthy relationship between you and your four legged companion! It takes little effort and you would really be surprised by the quick and... Read more