An Alaskan Wolf Named Romeo is full of surprises. You won’t believe...

An Alaskan Wolf Named Romeo is full of surprises. You won’t believe what he did


The animal kingdom has very sharp rules. We all know that the strongest is the one who survives out there.  Animals behave the way they do because the wild world, is just a really cruel world. Basic needs have to be met. Survival is at stake. Lions eat zebras, snakes eat rats, owls eat mince, and that is how the chain goes on and on and on. This is the only way wild animals can get some food for themselves. So when animals don’t obey the rules, it’s not just unexpected; it’s downright magical. It is as magical as the case we are going to talk about today. It is about an Alaskan Wolf named Romeo.

Romeo was spotted in Juneau, Alaska’s capital, which is a small, isolated town on the Alaskan panhandle. It’s a gold rush town, built up around precious ore without regard for much else. It’s only accessible by air and water. One day Nick Jans a photographer, obsessed with the wildlife encountered with Romeo. The “meeting” felt a last long impression for Nick, as Romeo was not aggressive as the other wolves.


When Nick was taking pictures of Romeo, his LAB Dakotah approached the wolf. That;s when the strangest thing happened. Romeo didn’t attack the dog, he didn’t show no aggression at all. The only thing he did was showing some curiosity toward the dog.

Romeo and Dakotah

After what happened Nick was convinced that An Alaskan Wolf like Romeo was no danger to the town of Juneau. He was friendly wit h other dogs, the only thing he did was starring at them out of curiosity, but the photographer thought that the wolf enjoyed the company at all times.

Romeo and other dogs
And when different visitors took pictures of him, he would just stand still, and stare at the camera. He pose no threat to anyone, and thats why Nick had a special consideration for him.

Romeo friendly
What Romeo liked more was “stealing” tennis balls, and playing with them by himself. He liked fun games, and he had a lot of toys hidden in the wild according to Nick, who became his #1 fan!

romeo likes to play
Unfortunately Romeo died a couple of years ago, and his absence will be noticed. Especially to Nick and all the dogs of the town. He really looks like he was a special beautiful An Alaskan Wolf! Rest in Peace buddy!

rest in peace romeo

Source: Diply



  1. He’s not as aggressive because he has doggy DNA. Black is not a natural color for wolves. He is black because of wolves breeding with domesticated canines. Fact.