A rare photograph of Hachico was released from a Japanese newspaper recently

Every-time I have to talk about Hachico, I am assuming that everyone knows the story of this . If some of you don’t know his story, then you should learn about it. Just to summarize the story of Hachico I have tried to tell you the story shortly.

Hachico is considered as the most-loyal dog in the world. The reason he is known this way, is because of the incredible loyalty he showed to his owner for more than 10 years. Hachico was rescued from a man, who became his father shortly after. Hidesaburō Ueno a professor in a University, the man who rescued Hachico decided to keep the Akita dog just for a few days in the house, to turn him in into an animal shelter shortly after. The think is that day after day the incredible dog, fell in love with the family. He had an incredible bond with his father, and the feeling was mutual from Ueno’s side, and that’s when he decided to keep the dog. The became the best of friends, and they were inseparable until Hachico’s father collapsed during a lecture and died. For the next ten years the Akita went to the train station, where he waited for his father to return from work every day, until he died under a train. The story is really sad, I know, but it is really meaningful!

Well this photo was found, and published from a Japanese newspaper a couple of days ago. Here you will see Hachico, while he was waiting for his owner to return home. It is really amazing to know how loyal this dog was to his father. This is one of the most stories I have ever known about. What do you think?

A rare photograph of Hachico was released from a Japanese newspaper recently

Source: AKC

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