8 Beautiful Black Dogs

8 Beautiful Black Dogs


Sadly the ASPCA, they are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized. Apparently some heartless people discriminate , and think that they are not equal to a white dog just because of their coat color. It is so sad when we still hear things like this nowadays. People should stop discriminating, and being so mean to everything around them. We are all equal no matter ethnicity, skin or coat color, nationality, gender, or religion. To celebrate our beautiful black dogs, I want to show you the black dogs breeds!

1- Rottweilers

They say Rottweilers are violent, I say they are very lovely to their family. They say Rottweilers are vicious, I say they are great family pets!

8 Beautiful Black Dogs

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  1. Why is the intro they say these dogs are violent and repeat just about the same thing none of the others I’ve looked at here say this?
    And then have a not very well taken care of pic of said rottie?