7 Things only cat owners can understand…

7 Things only cat owners can understand…


Getting a cat is truly easy, raising a cat is rather easy, but living with a grown cat (5 months old and up) is truly a challenge. Cats are nothing like dogs. It is true that they are very cute, and adorable, and sweet only when they sleep, but they are truly contagious. Once you get a cat, there is no way not to fall in love with it and everything it does. For example the way cats play with whatever it is that they find, is such a show to watch. Or even better watching a cat playing with its own tail is quite a funny moment to witness. Here are 7 things cat lovers and only cat lovers can understand. For all you cat lovers out there, this is for you…

1- That moment when your cat sleeps in the most adorable position ever, and you just want to grab her and squeeze her. This is what you do when you love your teeny tiny cat a little too much. 

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