7 Delightful pictures of Pomskies (Husky+Pomeranian)

7 Delightful pictures of Pomskies (Husky+Pomeranian)


Have you ever heard of Pomskies? Well if you haven’t then you are about to find our one of the cutest mutts out there. This mixed dog comes from Huskies + Pomeranian dog breeds. Sometimes the mixed dog looks more like Pomeranian with some Husky features, or the opposite. In the gallery below you will see how adorable, delightful and cute Pomskies can be.

1- Chubby, fluffy, and so beautiful. Can I have one please? 


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  1. I hope it was by IV male Pom to a female Huskie?
    There could be few problems with size the other way round.

    They are sweet but do we really need more dog breeds.

    So you have proved it can be done and the outcome. But like all sweet cute little
    furry things they grow up and the interest wains.

    Thanks for sharing but I do feel sorry for the pups future.

  2. The first photo is photoshopped for one. Another is pomsky’s as they are called are never small always corgi size so it misleads ppl to think oh look how small it’ll be. All designer breeding should be stopped you want a small dog get a toy breed you want a large breed get a large never lets mix and match thats how their are health issues as well as ugly looking dogs. Knock off the bs and be happy with what breeds are out their and get one of them or get a shelter dog or do both. I have purebred dogs as well as shelter dogs now so I’m happy with my 4 boys.

  3. I have a pomski and he is delightful – I have had rescued dogs too – I think you’ll find cross breeding helps to minimise health issues which many pure breeds develop contrary to your comment Kenna ! I can only have smallish dogs but find many of the smaller breeds yappy and a little ‘precious ‘ – my beauty has many characteristics of a large breed but is beautifully packaged in a mini version – he is perfect ( and is nothing like the dog pictured above ) and is certainly not ugly – So allow people to make their own choice and don’t judge !

  4. I have a pom-klee

    Pomeranian/ Alaskan Klee Kai.
    They only get to about 9 lbs.
    Much smaller than a pomsky.
    Best dog we’ve ever had.

  5. I have a pomski that is over a year old and have had her since 12 week and she is only 9 lbs and small. I love her so much along with are other dog thats a rescue.

  6. Most of these images are not accurate. Also this designed breed does Have a high number of health issues and when it grows use does not look the way people imagine, nor does it stay small. This is such a shit article. Way to promote an ugly and false designer breed.