10 Things Only Husky Owner Would Understand

10 Things Only Husky Owner Would Understand


#1- Educating people about the difference between your dog and a wolf. No sir, I am not walking a wolf.

Wolf and Husky

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  1. There are so many ads on this page, I can’t figure out what to click on to actually read the “10 Things” The two buttons with arrows take me to ads and not the story.

  2. I’ve raised 2 huskies and I definitely agree with all these lol. They’ll drive you crazy sometimes but you can’t help but love ’em to death

  3. Thank you, Rebeca, for the Adblock. I downloaded it just now for my browser, firefox, and the difference was instant. I was able to find the “next” button as soon as I came back to this page.

  4. my huskie did make a hole in the garden, thats too mainstream… he made a hole in a concrete wall, dont really know how but he just did, and also he was 4 months old when he did it