10 Signs that your spoiled pets are getting spoiled more and more...

10 Signs that your spoiled pets are getting spoiled more and more every day…


When you decide to get a pet, you totally dedicate to it. Once you get it, it is not a pet anymore but your baby. A baby for whom you would do anything to see him/her healthy, happy, and smiley all the time. Even though our pets have everything a pet could possibly need; a shelter, food, and love, still we somehow struggle to make their life as happy as it can be. For the most part we have no idea how to treat our beloved pets, but all we know is that we want to see them the happiest they can be, and that is why we spoil them more than we should. Spoiled pets become really needy. They want to have attention all the time, and their wishes become our responsibilities little by little. But let me tell you this, for the most part I love the idea that our spoiled pets are the way they are. If you don’t know still whether you have a spoiled pet, then the following 10 signs will let you know…

1- You have already thrown the ball over 193048 times, but still your little pooch wants to play. You do as he/she wishes because they are your babies right? spoiled

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