18 Best Sledding Dogs Movies of All Time

18 Best Sledding Dogs Movies of All Time


From the beginning i have to tell you that i am a little obsessed with snow dogs and i have try to see all movies about them.

So, I figured I’d put my passions to work and give you the ultimate list of dog sledding movies. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end and share them with other Husky Lovers friends!

#1- The Great Alone

The Great Alone, Husky movies

#2 Antarctica


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  1. Our girl, Katie, was so much like the dog in the movie Eight Below. She was so smart. I had twin sons, and one was very sick. While I took care of him, Katie watched out for the other boy. I had had a difficult pregnancy, and was in the hospital for almost 3 months before the boys were born. When she came to see me, Katie shunned me. Our other 2 dogs (another Sibe and a Boston) were always overjoyed to see me. Katie, who, was usually shy around strangers flirted with the nurses and kept her back to me.When I came home, one of the boys was very sick. Katie was like a nanna dog to the healthy twin. When I was caring for the ill child, Katie would watch his brother and let me know if he needed my attention. Siberian Huskies have a kind of intelligence that can’t be trained. She could open doors and drawers, open my zipped up purse and get items she wanted, and most amazingly, get an item off a shelf over 6 feet off the floor. I still can’t figure out how she got that. The best thing about Katie was her patience and dedication to my son. Unlike my poodle, Katie didn’t look to me for approval, and she did not usually display her intelligence just to please me. She just did what she knew needed to be done.